Friday, 12 February 2010

How to quit your job for good

This article is called 'how to quit your job for good' and it is the strategy for quitting my job that I am using. Some folks will be so unhappy in their work that they are happy to quit and take the plunge in the hope that they can build up their money making network online fast enough to create a good passive income quickly.

I personally am not that unhappy in my job, its just the people I work for that I loath. I have not got the courage to just quit and focus totally on building my online earning presence and am instead using this articles advice and treating this like a part time job on top of my regular work.

If like me you would like to quit your job but do not want to quit without solid earnings in place then you may want to give this article a read and get yourself motivated for the hard work this online earning stuff is going to take. Here is to our success!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Making Money Online, A Great Article!

This next article is by an author that I have a huge amount of respect for. This guy really does tell it like it is. If you like to get your advice from someone who cuts through the BS this author is for you.

This article I have picked is one that I have bookmarked for referring to while I get my head around a good strategy for earning online. I liked this one because it was written for making money with the site Hub Pages. It does focus on the affiliate options available through the site, one of which is google ad sense. This is a pretty popular first step for creating online income and this article will get you asking the right questions. Inside the article itself are a number of links to more specific information.

There is a lot to learn and the learning curve is steep if you are serious about making money online this link is the one to click. I am not going to stop sharing all the great free information I have found but if you only take the time to check out one thing I reference then this is the one to go for. Here is to your success!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

How writing articles can make Money

My first post with a link is to my article 'How writing articles can make Money'.

This article is about a web site that is free to join and shares revenue with a few affiliate programs, including the google ad sense program and the amazon affiliates program. There are 2 others but I am not earning with those and I actually really like the amazon affiliate program the most!

This is a great article if you fancy yourself a writer and have little technical expertise. This fits me perfectly as I do not have the time to be a web master and have a lot of fun writing. I have become very addicted to this site actually.

This site is a great resource for trying out different writing styles and writing to different niches. It has been a bit like a really fun class room for me and has helped me to identify topics that I can get good traffic with.

As much as I love this site I do want to mention that it does take time to build up your presence there. I should warn you about this because many people do sign up with this site and when they do not get large amounts of traffic and see money being made they get discouraged.

I originally found Hub Pages when I started a blog and wanted to get traffic to that blog. At that point I knew nothing about earning with affiliates like ad sense and quickly abandoned blogging in favor of writing independent articles. In that last 6 months with this site alone I have earned a small amount with ad sense (seriously not my strength tho) and have made 14 affiliate sales with the amazon program and those have been made in the last 2 months. I made 4 sales basically a week before christmas and this month of January I have so far seen 9 sales. I have actually decided to increase my minimum payment due to the currency exchange problems.

How to make money online, 6 Months in.

This blog is about the VERY steep learning curve I have been climbing for the last six months, making money online. In this blog I hope to share with you everything I have learned so far as well as anything new that I find.

My making money online journey started long before the 6 months that I have started to see the first signs of success in. I have tried seminars on making money by supposed 'guru's' with no real results. I am not a guru and quite frankly have no faith in supposed guru's.

My intention with this blog is to share all of the totally free information I have found that have helped me to teach myself how to earn online. I know that you can find everything you need to learn to make money online for free and should not spend a cent to learn this stuff.

I will be posting articles and specifically what you will learn from each here on this blog. Sometimes they may be my articles, the lessons I have learned successfully. I will also be adding those articles that have helped me with all the different steps you need to know to develop your own strategy for online earning.

I will wrap up this into with what steps I have found you must know you need to know, ya know :). The very first thing you need is to understand how what you are doing can make money, set up a site without having a clear idea of how its going to work and it most likely wont work.

When you start a free or self hosted blog, website, or article your first revenue generating tool is going to be google ad sense. This first step is actually more tricky then posting content on your blog, website or article and allowing some ads in the hopes they will be clicked. You are going to need to know about things like keywords, SEO and traffic generation tips like back linking.

Understanding how to choose high value keywords, make sure you get the necessary traffic and that that traffic might be interested in your sites adverts is key to actually creating a stream of income. I will also share other methods for generating several streams of income. Remember you do not want to keep all your eggs in one basket.

If you are interested in the recourses I want to share with you please feel free to bookmark this blog or become a follower. If there are particular steps of intreats, say how to find niche markets or where to get ideas for niche trends, feel free to leave a comment. If I know you are looking for something specific and its something that I was going to get around to eventually anyway, why not make it a priority? :)